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Consolidated Orders Survey: Quota Credits, Quota Leasing, TAP

Quota Credits

An update to the Quota Credit program was approved and published on February 11, 2021 (click here to view). The refresh included enhanced definitions and clarity on QC earning opportunities. These opportunities include:
  • Fowl removal
  • Building and renovating
  • Quota purchased on the quarterly exchange
  • Disease resulting in ongoing mortality
  • Production realignment from short placement due to SE (beyond CEIRA coverage)
  • Production realignment while building new facility

The fowl removal formula was adjusted and is now calculated using two unique formulas (one for 0-28 days and another formula for 29+ days). The program also defined opportunities where producers are not eligible to earn Quota Credits. These include:
  • Moulting - No BCEMB or EFC programs support the moulting of flocks.
  • Salmonella Enteritis positive flocks
  • Short placements
  • Claims resulting from events generally considered to be as under management control such as unexceptional disease or mortality
  • Natural disaster
  • Barn fire
  • Building collapse

Producers are expected to enter quota credit licences in 13-week intervals unless there is a fowl removal date during the QC licence period, in which case, the fowl removal date should be the last date of licence.

1. Do you understand the quota credit program?
2. Do you utilize the quota credits earned by your farm?
3. Do you feel like there are any situations that should be eligible for quota credits that are not currently?
4. Are you satisfied with the current framework for the Quota Credit Policy?